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Filter Free Humidifier

Looking for the best filter free humidifier? There are many filterless units to choose from, and here are reviews on the best for your home and rooms. 

What is the difference between a humidifier with a filter and without? The main difference is how the water is propelled into the air of your home. 

When using a humidifier with a filter, there will be a fan that blows the air from near the filter into your home. This is a process called evaporation and basically the humidity evaporates into the air and is propelled by the fan.

A filter free humidifier most likely will be an ultrasonic humidifier or warm mist, which boils the water to release steam. The ultrasonic propells water into the air by a metal piece that moves at an ultrasonic rate, so the water is propelled directly from the tank into the air. When using these type of filter free units, you will need a demineralization cartridge so the minerals in the water don't get propelled into the air. 

Best Filter Free or Filterless Humidifiers

The filterless humidifiers with the best consumer reviews are Air O Swiss, Germ Guardian, and Honeywell. Air O Swiss humidifiers are the highest quality and will have the most features. They are also the most expensive. 

The best aspect of Air O Swiss filter free humidifiers are the cool or warm mist option. I really like the warm mist in the winter because the cool mist can feel too cool and a little drafty in the winter. With these, you can choose which setting you want. Also, some have digital humidistats so you can control the amount of humidity in the room easily.

Germ Guardian filterless humidifiers also are high quality and have unique features, including the option of a digital humidistat. They are lined with a germ inhibiting lining to protect against bacteria build up, as does the Air O Swiss.

The best budget option for filter free humidifiers is Honeywell by Kaz. They have a few options to choose from, but they will be either warm or cool mist, not both on one machine. Honeywell will be quite a lot cheaper, but the reviews on their humidifiers aren't generally as high as the other brands. I like the Vicks brand of Honeywell humidifiers best.

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