Blueair Air Purifiers Energy Star Rated

Blueair Air Purifiers expert and consumer reviews. The cleanest air the quickest, with the lowest noise. Eco friendly, energy star rated with non-toxic filters. Seems perfect for your home and family. Is there a catch?

Benefits of Blueair Air Purifiers: They are virtually silent on the two low settings and somewhat noisy on high, with very low cost to run. The ionic purification produces no ozone, which is better for your lungs. The steel body frame reduces vibration noise that occurs over time with plastics.

It has the highest level of CADR of any purifier on the market, providing the quickest air purification. The Blueair HEPA filters achieve 99.7% pure air down to 0.1 micron, best in the industry. In only minutes, all the air in the room is purified.

Their HEPA filters use non-toxic polypropylene which inhibit mold and mildew growth found on most other filters. Overall, this means you get the cleanest air the quickest, with the lowest noise.

Negatives of Blueair Purifiers: The technology is great, and the only drawback I could find was having to replace filters. The cost is not too bad for the high quality of the filter, but it is another cost and should be factored into your purchase decision.

Many air purifiers have filters that need changing, but some don’t. While the units are low cost to run, the unique non-toxic filters need changing every six months and cost $80 for a set of three, or $147 for the set of three smokestop high-end filters. Smokestop filters would only be necessary if you needed heavy amounts of smoke, odors and gas purification.

Blueair Air Purifiers have six Energy Star rated product lines. They include the 200, 400, 500, 600, E, Eco and Medical Pro series. Blueair has headquarters in Sweden and Chicago, Illinois and was founded in Sweden in 1996.

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Is the noise of a purifier an issue for you? They offer a very unique technology in air purifiers. It is virtually silent on the lower settings and produces almost no draft. Usually, a silent machine is one that isn’t working too hard, but not so with the these purifiers.

They use the quiet electrostatic system of purification. While electrostatic purifiers are great in concept, most produce ozone. These air purifiers produce no ozone. It is a perfect use of a great technology.

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