Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier offers top quality, top rated air purifiers, with or without humidification. Consumers love them. Read here for consumer, expert reviews and helpful product information.

The Plasmacluster purifier line receives some of the highest ratings from air purifier experts, testers and consumers. What sets them apart from other purifiers? These models finally have everything users want in one unit.

  • Consumers say they have remarkably fewer allergy and asthma symptoms. They go from sneezing and wheezing all day and night, to breathing easily and effortlessly.
  • The ionizer, which can be turned on or off, is a great addition. People say it really brightens and freshens the air.
  • The filters can be cleaned, which reduces the cost of replacements.
  • It is super quiet while being powerful.

You have probably found a few top rated air purifiers and want to know which is the best for you. Here are the features that set the Sharp Plasmacluster apart to help you decide.

If annual cost is a purchase factor:

  • Energy Star rated for lower annual electricity cost of operation
  • Cleanable pre-filter, HEPA filter, and odor reducing carbon filter, so filters will last up to a reported 5 years, which really reduces annual cost of ownership over those which need many replacements each year.

If noise rating is a factor and you want a quiet unit:

  • Library quiet operation, even on high. Users agree they are almost silent .

If you want an ionizer for documented wellness benefits:

  • Units offer a no ozone ionizer for safe, clean air. Turn it on or off while purifier is in operation.

If digital operation and many convenience features are important:

  • Units offer digital display with timer, odor/dust sensor, remote control, lights control for night time darkness, filter clean indicator and pre-filter, odor reducing filter, HEPA filter.

Which Sharp Plasmacluster unit will be perfect for your home? Click on any link below to read full expert and consumer reviews.

  • Sharp Plasmacluster compact. For rooms up to 252 sq ft. MSRP list price-$299.99

  • The FPP60CX is currently out of stock and unavailable. Check out the FPP40CX.

  • Sharp Plasmacluster with Humidification KCC100U and KCC150U. For rooms up to 254 sq ft MSRP $399 (KCC100U) and 347 sq ft MSRP $499.99 (KCC150U)

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