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RV Dehumidifiers

RV dehumidifiers are helpful for moisture and damp control. Read about the top best RV Camper dehumidifiers for use all year round.

The Camper RV dehumidifier options range from portable dehumidifiers, solar dehumidifiers, Eva Dry dehumidifiers, small and mini dehumidifiers, to regular full powered units.

How to choose the best RV Camper dehumidifier for you? Determine how much humidity and damp control you will need. This will determine how large of a unit will be necessary to eliminate damp odors and too much humidity. Obviously with such small camper spaces, the smallest possible dehumidifier the better.

The best reviews are often for Santa Fe dehumidifiers, Danby dehumidifiers, Soleus, Eva Dry and Comfort-Aire. They will have units in all sizes and are often rated to last a long time.

Do you have damp control problems with your RV in storage? The Eva Dry dehumidifier is great for Recreational Vehicles which will be in storage and need moisture control. There is no power needed.

Eva Dry dehumidifiers passively remove moisture from the air and do a decent job. The reservoir will fill, so it will need to be emptied every so often, depending on how damp the air is in the RV. The mid-size will turn itself off when the tank is full, so it won't overflow.

Solar RV dehumidifiers are great for reducing energy needs. If you will be somewhere that has a good amount of sun, these will work like a charm. The best selection I have found is on E-Bay and Amazon. Some solar units offer heating or air conditioning as well.

The best RV mini dehumidifier I found was the Clean Home Essentials Mini Dehumidifier. It is virtually silent to operate and removes 8 oz in 24 hours. This would work best in a small space like the RV bathroom or bedroom, or to control a small amount of damp air in the whole RV.

If you want info on full sized dehumidifiers, which offer energy efficiency, check out the energy efficient dehumidifier page. These are a good option, if there is really damp air and you need the full sized dehumidifier help. Since RV's have limited energy at times, these efficient options will help you be able to use any size needed for the healthiest, freshest air.

Read this Q and A about my recommendation for the best dehumidifier for full time RV living.

Finding the right Camper RV dehumidifier is important for summer, winter and year round comfort and health. One of these great options will keep your RV's air healthy and smelling fresh.