Whole House Dehumidifiers

Whole house dehumidifiers are great for keeping your basement and living areas free from extra mold causing humidity. Learn more about the best options here.

When shopping for a whole house dehumidifier, the first thing a consumer will want to consider is theextent of their dehumidification needs versus the amount of money they are willing or able to spendon a dehumidifier.

While a 70 pint capacity portable dehumidifier -- one that removes 70 pints ofmoisture from the air per 24 hours -- costing $150 to $300 may be perfectly adequate for an apartment,townhouse, or smaller home, it may not provide the necessary level of dehumidification for a largerhome or structure.

True, whole house dehumidification systems may be expensive ($1,000 or more),but when you consider the damage excessive moisture can do to your home and to your health, they are often worth the investment – especially for homes larger than 2,500 square feet in area.

Whole housedehumidifier systems have a greater capacity to remove moisture from the air than portable models andwork on a house-wide level, often through the home’s HVAC system.

Generally, whole house systemsuse a bigger compressor and larger condensing coils for maximum dehumidifying effect. Moisture canbe removed more efficiently by these devices and in a shorter period of time.

Brands such as Aprilaire, Generalaire, and Honeywell -- among many others -- provide large capacity systems and professionalconsultation and installation services.

Consult the individual company’s website for information oncosts and lists of licensed contractors capable of providing these services.