HEPA Filter Air Purifier Buying Guide

HEPA Filter Air Purifier units are the highest quality for your home. Read all about the HEPA filters reviews, and which are the very best, on our buying guide.

HEPA filter air purifiers have the best ability to purify the air of any filter sold. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. HEPA filters are patented and remove at least 99.97 percent of air particles .3 microns and larger.

Some companies offer HEPA filters that purify at an even greater rate than 99.97 for .3 and above. This is helpful because many allergy causing particles like pet dander, some pollens, are smaller than .3.

IQAir has a filter that purifies particles at 99.5% down to .003 microns. Austin Air filters purify .1 microns at 95% efficiency. BlueAir filters purify particles at .1 with 99.7% efficiency. These are top quality companies to check out if you want the cleanest air.

Some companies will say they have HEPA type, or 99% HEPA, or some “almost HEPA” filter. Research has found that any filter that cannot be called a true HEPA filter is not effective enough at cleaning the air. They will be cheaper, but fairly useless at actually cleaning the air.

It is worth the money to buy a real HEPA filter air purifier. You can be guaranteed a high quality filter. The air purifiers will vary in the ability to clean the air, even with a high quality filter. This site has all the info on each company and which units are a great value, and which do not do a very good job at cleaning the air, regardless of the HEPA filter.

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