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Hunter Air Purifiers and Filters

When choosing among Hunter air purifiers, and filters, there are many features to compare. Read the consumer and expert reviews on the best and worst Hunter has to offer.

Hunter is a top seller of air purifiers and air filters. They are found at many major chain stores. Are they any good?

Many air cleaners found at chain stores are expensive fans and not worth the money. Hunter does offer HEPA filter technology in their purifiers, making them a worthwhile investment.

The best Hunter air purifiers and filters are those with HEPA filters. They clean air particles down to .1 microns at a rate of of 99.97%. This is the same rating many top quality purifiers achieve. These Hunter purifiers also generally get good consumer reviews from owners who've used these air purifiers for years.

The Hunter air filters cost about $40 each to replace, which is on the low end for replaceable HEPA filters. Experts don't rate these purifiers as high as top quality air purifiers because the rate of air cleaning isn't as fast as the others.

In my opinion, the slower clean air delivery rate, or how fast the air purifier cleans the air in a room, is to be expected at this price point. If you don't need the purest air, but want some air filtration, the Hunter HEPA air cleaners are a good middle ground for value and air cleaning.

The Quietflo Hunter air purifers line all have the high air cleaning rate of 99.97% down to .1 microns. This should capture most of the allergy causing particles in a room.

What are the worst rated Hunter air purifiers? From my research, the discontinued Hunter tower air purifers got only average ratings from users. Many of Hunter's other air cleaners received above average to excellent ratings from users. So, while an average rating isn't bad, it's not the top ratings found on their other purifiers.

Another added benefit to Hunter air purifies are some also have qualified for the energy star rating. This is great because it will cut down on your cost of ownership and is more eco friendly!

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