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Best Ionic Air Purifiers comparison and reviews on top brands. Read about the best Ionic purifier models for your home. Discover which are not worth buying.

Ionic Air Purifiers have received some controversy lately. Namely the Ionic Breeze. That model was not good, but there are some ozone free, top quality ionic purifiers worth checking out.

The main thing you should look out for in an Ionic Purifier is if it releases ozone and if it does, how much. The FDA has approved ozone up to 0.05 ppm in the air. Some people enjoy the fresh air smell of a little extra ozone.

For some, it causes headaches and irritates lung and asthma conditions, so steer clear of ozone if you have lung issues. It could be fine for you if you don’t, as a few consumers write reviews that they enjoy the air with the extra ozone. Make sure you can return the unit if you have problems with it.

Personally, I enjoy the ionic feature and the vibrant quality to ionized air. It reminds me of the negative ion charged ocean air. I do look for ozone free purifiers.

BlueAir Purifiers

My favorite is the BlueAir ozone free air cleaners. Read about BlueAir Purifers. They are a top quality company with great all around air purifiers. Below are reviews and information on many other brands of Ionic air purifiers.

Ionic Pro

The Ionic Pro company offers the Ionic Pro, Ionic Pro Turbo, Pure Pro, Therapure 100, and Thera Pure 201D. With their marketing slogan starting with, as seen on TV, we are a bit suspicious of their air cleaners. There have been some great products come from infomercials, but that is not the standard. Our review of the Ionic Pro purifier series.

SharpAir Purifiers and Ionizers

Sharp has some quality purifiers with nice features. The popluar Sharp Plasmacluster line gets consistently rave reviews from consumers. Sharp also offers air purifiers that humidify at the same time, which is a good bonus in dry months. Finally, they offer a line of standard air purifiers worth checking out. Read about the Plasmacluster model and the consumer reviews.

Alen Air Purifiers

Alen air purifers are a quality line of top rated air cleaners, some with ionizers. Experts and product testers often put a few of Alen’s purifiers in their best purifier lists. Alen is listed on my top purifier list because it offers great features, quality purification and a good value. Read the full Review on Alen Air Purifiers

More Ionic Air Purifiers

Germ Guardian 6.0 Air Purifier. Swedish engineered six stage air cleaner with ozone free ionizer.

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