Honeywell Humidifier Reviews

Some Honeywell Humidifiers work well and are a good value, but some aren't worth buying. Read the humidifier reviews to find out more. Looking for a humidifier? They offer a wide range of budget units.

Honeywell is owned by Kaz. This is why so many of the Honeywell units look very similar to other humidifiers out there. Kaz’s brands also include Vicks, Duracraft, and Enviracaire. Follow the links below to find the best and most popular units.

Not sure which features you are looking for in a humidifier? Here is a basic run down on the different technologies. There are ultrasonic units which offer cool or warm mist. Cool moisture units which offer evaporative humidification. UV humidifiers which offer UV sanitizing light.

Honeywell Ultrasonic humidifiers vibrate a piece of metal at an ultrasonic frequency to produce a fog or mist of water. These do not have filters to change, but do require frequent cleaning to avoid bacteria build up. Also, you must use a demineralization cartridge to eliminate the white mineral dust these machines produce. The white dust irritates and might be harmful to lungs. You can also use distilled water, without the demineralization cartridge, to fill the machines. This water doesn’t have the minerals in it, so it might not produce the white mineral dust.

Some users report ultrasonic units still produce some despite the efforts to reduce it, but others say they have no problem with it from the same machine. Either way do a check of the unit for a few hours in a small space to see if it produces white dust before using overnight.

Honeywell Evaporative humidifiers use filters that sit in water. There is a fan above the filters to wick the moisture into the air. It is mostly self-regulating because the fan will wick more moisture into dry air and less into already humid air. Clean these weekly to avoid bacteria build up. These do have the added expense of filters, but do not produce white dust, so no need to buy anything to help with that.

Honeywell UV light humidifiers have a UV light that shines into the tank and are offered on some ultrasonic and evaporative units. The UV light kills most bacteria and viruses that may be in the water. This lessens the need for frequent cleanings. Perfect if you want a low maintenance humidifier. The UV bulbs do need changing and can be expensive to replace.

Overall, I recommend cool mist ultrasonic units for the lowest cost and quietest operation. I recommend evaporative units for humidifying larger areas, 500 sq ft+. In the cold winter months, I recommend warm mist units for the bedroom. If you know your not the type to clean the humidifier often, get a UV light unit to help eliminate most bacteria and germs that can build up.

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