Honeywell Duracraft Humidifier Warm Moisture HWM 910

Honeywell Duracraft Humidifier Warm Moisture HWM910 List price $29.99. 2 gallon output per day. High/low settings for moisture output control. Base is dishwasher safe for cleaning. Medicine cup to disperse optional vicks vapors. Automatic shut off. Operates up to 12 hours per filling and humidifies up to 700 sq ft. Easy water level monitoring with the clear, see through tank.

Consumer Review. Users give the Duracraft Warm Moisture HMW910 unit high ratings. An average of four stars out of five. They like the simple, easy to fill tank and quiet operation. Users state on high it runs for 7 hours. They say it is a good size with a one gallon tank. Most recommend the unit as a good, budget warm mist humidifier.

Expert Review. Based on the excellent ratings, I recommend this unit. For the price, it can’t be beat. It is one of the cheapest warm mist units available and it has one of the highest ratings. It has important features such as the auto shut off for safety, dishwasher safe base for easy cleaning, and mist output high/low settings. These are basic features any unit should have and this one does. With any electrical machine, there can be problems, so monitor it when first using and keep your receipt.

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