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Best Room Humidifier- Top 5 Must Have Features

While the basic premise of a room humidifier is simple, there are many options out there and looking for these top five must have features in the best room humidifier will make your shopping easier.

The biggest problem with room humidifiers is the potential build up of bacteria from standing water. With ultrasonic humidifiers, the bacteria can be propelled into the air from the humidifier. So, the top must have is anti-bacteria protection. Bacteria resistant lining in the tank is helpful. A chemical free option for reducing bacteria is the Air O Swiss Ionic Silver stick, super simple and effective.

Because bacteria can be such a potential problem with humidifiers, the second must have is a tank that is easy to clean. Many tanks have very small openings, which make getting in there to clean it out tricky. You can swish the tank with vinegar and water to clean it out if the tank has a small opening and cannot be cleaned.

Another important feature of the best room humidifier is quiet operation. Many of the humidifiers can be very loud when at a level that humidifies a room properly. No one wants their humidifier to be center stage in a room, so check out reviews on any you might buy as to its noise level. Ultrasonic humidifiers will be the quietest in general.

Do you want a bright night light on your bedroom humidifier? If not, must have number four is a light that can be easily concealed or a humidifier that allows for the light to be off when the unit is on. The lights on humidifiers can be so bright, if you try to use it at night in the bedroom, it might seem like daylight. For most adults it is too bright for sleeping. Check to see where the light is on the unit and hopefully it is easily covered up with tape or can be shut off.

Finally, the last must have feature to get the best room humidifier is operation of 24 hours or more on a single filling. Most people run the humidifiers for 24 hours at a time when they are needed and filling it more than once a day will quickly eat up precious time and make using it more of a chore than a help. 

Some humidifiers only run for 8 hours on one filling, imagine having to fill it three times a day. Save yourself time in the long run and find one that has a tank large enough to run 24 hours.

Humidifiers are great for naturally maintaining good health when it’s dry inside. With these humidifier buying tips, it can be your dry season ally instead of another chore.

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