Bathroom Dehumidifiers

Bathroom dehumidifiers need to fit in tight spaces and prevent mold from growing. Find the best from our expert reviews here.

Bathrooms can be an absolute breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and mold. Steamy air and dampfabrics can combine to create an abundance of disease causing humidity.

Most of our bathrooms arenot very large, however, and standard dehumidifiers can get in the way in a small space.

Luckily, thereare a variety of compact and mini dehumidifiers suitable for use in a bathroom. The Eva-Dry 500 MiniDehumidifier is silent, compact, and renewable. It works in areas up to 500 square feet in area anddoes not need cords or batteries. Just plug in the unit for 12 to 15 hours every 30 to 60 days, and enjoyup to 10 years of bathroom dehumidification. The Eva-Dry 500 costs about $35, and is an affordablesolution to excessive bathroom humidity.

If your bathroom also has odor problems, Eva-Dry makes the500F, which has all the features of the 500 -- and a similar capacity to remove moisture -- but includesindividual fragrance packs to plug into the back of the dehumidifier. The 500F costs about $40.

Ifyou are concerned about the buildup of germs in your dehumidifier tank, Supentown makes a minidehumidifier with ultraviolet light technology. The SD-350TI Supentown Mini Dehumidifier with TiO2and UV Light provides a compact and efficient option for dehumidifying your bathroom or other smallspaces.

It is very quiet and only 13 inches tall. This bathroom dehumidifier costs about $100, and hasan automatic shut off device.