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Idylis Air Purifier UV-C Review

Read the Idylis air purifier review. Expert advice and consumer reviews on this HEPA UV-C air purifier.

Idylis Air Purifiers- Great consumer reviews and true HEPA filters
Idylis brand air purifiers are mainly sold by Lowe's in the United States. On the Lowe's website the Idylis line gets generally top notch reviews.

Reviewers say it works great for pet dander, dust, smoke smells, cooking smells, and allergens. Many say that for the money they couldn't find better. It's not often reviews say that!

Air purifier noise is always an issue and consumers state it is quiet on low, but can be a bit noisy on high. Most powerful air purifiers are noisy when on high, because they are working hard.

If you plan to use this air purifier in a bedroom, where quiet operation is necessary, then get a unit rated for larger than your size room and you will be able to run it on a lower setting, thus reducing the noise.

Expert Advice on the Idylis Air Purifiers:

I appreciate all the features the Idylis air cleaner provides for the price. It has a true HEPA filter which is important. The carbon filter is great for reducing odors and I think, a must have on any air purifier for the odor help.

The Idylis clean air delivery rate seems a bit high for the sq. ft. they state it will clean. I would say, in general, add about 100 sq. ft. to the size of the room needing cleaned to get the best air cleaning.

The air purifier UV light, to help reduce bacteria and germs, is still a toss up for me. I like the idea in general, but it is reported to possibly break down the fibers of the filter and the lights are generally expensive to replace, but it's a unique feature not many others offer.

The best feature is the automatic fan control. This can automatically adjust the fan speed to clean at the most efficient rate. Also, it is energy star rated, which is a great bonus.

Overall, it appears to be a great air purifier, with lots of features, for a good price.

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