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Best Rated Humidifier

Looking for the best rated humidifier? Here is a list of the best ultrasonic and evaporative, with reviews, for your room or home.

Air O Swiss humidifiers are the highest quality ultrasonic humidifiers. Is it worth the high price tag? Well, most filter free ultrasonic humidifiers are basically the same. Air O Swiss will offer many more upgraded options like dual cool or warm mist, digital humidistat, timer, auto shut off and more. If you want those options, then it is a good investment. 

Air O Swiss and Germ Guardian will have tanks lined with anti-bacterial coating. Germ Guardian is another high quality humidifier maker, but I personally know less about their product line and recommend the Air O Swiss more because they are easier to find.

The most important aspect of best rated ultrasonic humidifiers is using a demineralization cartridge so you don't get white dust all over your home and in your lungs. Also, the Air O Swiss silver stick is helpful in any humidifier brand tank for reducing bacteria build up.

Ultrasonic humidifiers need frequent cleaning because the water is directly propelled from the tank into the air and any bacteria in the water will be as well. There are many pros to this line of humidifiers, but this is the biggest drawback. Other good budget humidifier brands are Honeywell, and Crane. Crane offer the adorable animal humidifiers for kids, and grown up kids.

During the winter, I like a good warm mist humidifier. I look for warm mist humidifiers which actually boil the water to release steam so the water is cleaned by the boiling process before it is released. Honeywell has some cheap warm mist humidifiers, one by Vicks is a top seller and has auto shut off, very important for warm mist. 

Finally, there are evaporative humidifiers and these have filters. I personally don't mind having to change the filter and really like the evaporative humidifying process. 

The best rated humidifier that uses evaporative technology is Vornado. These have excellent fans to propell the humidity around your home and a great design.

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