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Portable Travel Humidifier units are great for bedroom, office, hotels. Read a list of the best mini ultrasonic humidifiers with reviews.

Small, portable humidifiers are great for providing moisture to dry air in the office, while travelling, or just when you want a little extra humidity to help you feel better. Since they are mini and compact, they can usually fit on a nightstand or on your desk without taking up much space.

Distilled water is best to use with these little on-the-go humidifiers, since most units use ultrasonic technology and distilled water is recommended in this type. You can try regular tap water, but if you notice white dust from the humidifier, a solution might be using distilled.

Features and benefits to look for in a portable travel humidifier

  • Quiet operation. Most offer quiet ultrasonic humidification, which is helpful if you will be using it at night or at your desk in the office.
  • Look for those which operate at least 8 hours if you plan to use this overnight. Some are so small they only operate 4-6 hours.
  • There is enough to lug around when travelling, make sure the humidifier is lightweight and under 5 lbs for comfort and ease.
  • Auto shut off when empty. Since these humidifiers are so small, it is easy to let them run out of water, but an auto shut off feature will take the worry out of the water becoming empty.
  • If you are travelling abroad, the Air O Swiss unit comes with an adapter, while you will need to buy one for other units.

Below are a list of portable, travel humidifiers. Listed first are the mini humidifiers I decided were the best based on research and consumer reviews. Next are good humidifiers worth checking out.

Best Portable Mini Travel Humidifiers

Air O Swiss 7146 Travel Ultrasonic This popular little unit can easily be taken anywhere to help humidify dry bedrooms, the office or even travel abroad. It comes with a transcontinental adapter which can be used in North America or Europe. Read about the 7146.

Sunpentown mini travel humidifier SU-1051 It gets great consumer reviews. It is small, compact and great for on the go. Sunpentown mini full product information.

Windchaser mini humidifier HUL30 gets great reviews. It is lightweight and great for small spaces. Windchaser mini humidifier full product information.

Good Portable Mini Humidifiers

The Kaz Personal Mist humidifier is lightweight and compact. Good for travel, the office, or a nightstand. Users say it works great at humidifying when it is dry. Kaz personal mist humidifier information.

The Pearlessence Spa Mist Air Therapy Humidifier is great for adding a touch of essential oil fragrance to any space. Small and portable, great for the bedroom or office. Pearlessence Spa Mist Humidifier information.

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