Best Room Humidifier and Buying Guide

Find the best room humidifier reviews on top rated brands. There are many choices for any room or bedroom, ultrasonic, evaporative, cool and warm mist.

Humidifiers are great for adding healthy humidity to any home. In winter months, the dry air can make you more susceptible to viruses and germs by drying out your sinuses and your whole system. Optimal humidity will help you stay healthy and feel better all winter long and in dry summer months.

Which is best room humidifier for you? Read about the features you should look for depending on the room to choose the best.

Room Humidifier Reviews & Buying Guide

  • Determine the room size you need humidified, then buy a humidifier which is rated for a slightly larger area. If your room is 200 sq ft, buy one for 300 or above sq ft, so it will reach optimal humidity.
  • Some humidifiers will come with a hygrostat so you can set how much humidity you want. Especially on ultrasonic or warm mist humidifiers, if it doesn’t have a digital hygrostat, buy one separately so you do not over humidify your room. Optimal humidity is 30-45%. Over 50% could breed germs.
  • What humidifier noise level are you comfortable with? Ultrasonic humidifiers are very quiet and good for bedrooms. Warm mist humidifiers will be a bit noisier because they boil the water before releasing it as steam. Evaporative humidifiers will have a fan that ranges from slightly noisy to very loud generally depending on the cost of the humidifier, with more expensive units being quieter.
  • Will the unit be near you while sitting or sleeping? If so, and it will be used during the winter, a good choice would be a warm mist humidifier, as long as the sound of the steam is not too much. Warm mist is soothing and comfortable when it is cold. Other types may feel too drafty or cool.
  • Many room humidifiers have glowing lights which illuminate when operating. I find most of these lights too bright for the bedroom. Some will have the option to turn off the light, and others are easy to cover the light. On some units, the whole tank is illuminated, making it almost impossible to darken.
  • Do you need air purification as well as humidity for your room or home? Units that offer both are very beneficial for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Check out the Purifiers Humidifiers tab (they are also known as air washers) to the left for a list of the best.

Once you find the perfect room humidifier, enjoy a season of refreshing, healthy air. Other benefits include natural beauty treatment for your skin, eyes and lips as well as offering a natural cold remedy.

Best Ultrasonic Humidifier Review - Air O Swiss
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Best Cheap Warm Mist Room Humidifier Review- Duracraft HWM910
High/low settings for moisture output control. Base is dishwasher safe for cleaning. Medicine cup to disperse optional vicks vapors. Automatic shut off. Operates up to 12 hours per filling and humidifies up to 700 sq ft. Generally sells for $25-$30 Duracraft HWM910 Review.

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