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Sunbeam Humidifiers

Read about the Sunbeam humidifiers. Find information on the Sunbeam humidification product line and an expert review.

Sunbeam offers a few options for humidification. The options range are impellers, vaporizer humidifiers, and cool mist humidifiers. They do not have a large range of humidifiers, but those they do offer are widely sold in major stores, making them easily available by consumers.  Are Sunbeam humidifiers a quality option? Generally, I do not recommend vaporizer humidifiers. They are usually used in kid's rooms and have no safety feature for limiting the ability for little hands to contact the hot steam. The steam comes right out of the vaporizer with no guard, so kid's fingers could be easily burned.

I once bought a vaporizer from Vick's and my experience was that it smelled from the cheap plastic and had flimsy parts. Sunbeam might have a better quality vaporizer, but my guess it that it is similarly cheap.

The Sunbeam Impeller humidification units are basically ultrasonic humidifiers. You can get one for around $20-$25 and there is a reason they are so cheap. It is a really basic humidifier and only good for a very small bedroom.

They do offer demineralization cartridges and water treatment tablets. I think demineralization is vital to an impeller or ultrasonic humidifier so it does not produce white dust into the air and thereby into your lungs.

Sunbeam also manufactures household products like irons, mixers, coffee makers and many other appliances. I believe their other product lines are better than their humidifiers. I personally would go for a Kaz Honeywell humidifier if I wanted a cheap, easy to find unit. They offer some units which get pretty decent reviews by consumers, even though they are so affordable.