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Dehumidifier Air Purifier Combo

A dehumidifier air purifier combo unit is the best way to eliminate mildew and mold odors from your basement, crawl space, bedroom and home. Read about the best here.

There are a few air purifier and dehumidifier options. I have not found a unit that has both that purifies the air super well. The filters that catch air particles are more for large particles, like dirt and pet hair. It will not be really helpful for allergies, but will provide some air cleaning. I have found Frigidaire and Sunpentown dehumidifiers have air filters with them to clean the air slightly.

If the unit has a  UV light, it is helpful because often times when there is a musty smell, there is mildew or mold. Filtering this air through the UV purifier then kills the mold on the filter. Without the UV light, the mold would collect on the purifier and recirculate some of it back into the air.

I don't often recommend air purifiers with a UV light because the lights are expensive. I do believe in the case of potential mold in the air, it is a good idea to have it despite the expense.

Additionally, the auto shut off is helpful, because dehumidifiers are often in out of the way places like basements and you do not want it over flowing when it gets full. You also do not want to have to remember to check on it every day or more!

Usually combo units have lower reviews because it is hard for a company to do both aspect of dehumidifying and purifying well. If you are really needing a great air purifier for allergies, I'd recommend getting a seperate unit with a HEPA filter. Then also getting a dehumidifier so you have exactly what you need to do both the best.

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