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Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

Read about energy efficient dehumidifiers that are energy star rated. Save electricity with these eco dehumidifiers.

One company that makes two brands of energy efficient dehumidifiers is Therma-Stor. See the Therma Stor website. They manufacture Ultra-Aire, which has the best energy efficiency of any residential unit, as well as top quality rated Santa Fe.

Other well known companies who manufacture energy star dehumidifiers are Haier, Honeywell, GE, Kenmore, LG and Soleus Air. At least some, but not all, of their dehumidifiers are energy star rated. For a downloadable complete list of governmental energy star rated units see Complete Energy Star Dehumidifier List

A high efficiency energy rating is one way to recduce electricy costs. Another way is to make sure the unit has a built in humidity hygrometer. This digital control will shut off the dehumidifier when the proper humidity has been achieved and will turn it back on when there is too much humidity. 

This automatic shut off and turn on will greatly help control energy usage because the dehumidifier will only operate when it's need, not all the time.

Also, determine how many sq. ft. you need dehumidified. By buying one that is for just the right amount of sq. ft., you won't have a unit that is too big and uses more energy than is needed.

By taking a little time to compare energy star rated dehumidifiers, you will save precious resources and cut your energy costs at the same time.

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