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Nikken Air Wellness Air Purifier

Nikken Air Wellness air purifier reviews by unbiased expert source. Find out about this air cleaner and what consumers think.  Nikken offers many top of the line products for home health and wellness. Their products often have a high price tag to match their reputation of high quality. 

There are so many air purifiers to choose from. Is this one the best for the money? Well, it is hard to say because I could not find any info about how many sq. ft. this Nikken air cleaner cleans. 

From a consumer review, I'd say it would work well in a small house. Here is the review, "During a forest fire near our town, I was talking with a friend who said the air in her house was hardly breathable because of all the smoke, I thought it odd because my home's air was hardly affected and she didn't live far from me. I realized the difference in the smoke in the air must have been my Nikken Air Wellness purifier. I had no idea it could help that much." Carol, Colorado

I read this email from and wanted to check out this product right away. This air wellness purifier does have everything I'd look for in a top quality unit. Hospital grade HEPA filter, carbon filter, prefilter and energy star rating.

The replacement filters are $125 and likely need to be replaced every 6 months to a year, so that can really add up. In my opinion, this Nikken Air Purifier, Air Wellness, is good for anyone who needs a super clean and odor free room. It does have really high quality, but the price would only be justified if it was being used for a real medical necessity. General air purification could be achieved for much less. The Austin Air purifier is my top recommendation for quality air purification at a good price, but it likely isn't quite the top of the line quality of Nikken.