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Best Basement Dehumidifiers

Read about the best basement dehumidifiers. Find reviews on portable, large pint, and low temperature air dehumidifiers.

Basement dehumidifiers are helpful for maintaining healthy air in your basement. That damp, musty smell in most basements is bad for your health. This means there is too much mold, mildew and bacteria growing in the air. A quality basement dehumidifier will freshen the air and maintain a healthy level of moisture. Yes, any dehumidifier will remove moisture. How much you spend will be determined by what features you want, what size area needs dehumidifying and if you prefer a manual or automatic reservoir empting system.

Since basements are colder than other rooms in a home, it is important to determine if a low-temperature dehumidifier is right for you. Is your basement likely to have temperatures below 60 degrees when dehumidifying is needed? If so, a low temp dehumidifier will greatly improve the performance.

Most air dehumidifiers do best when the temperatures are high. If it's below 50 degrees in the basement, and the dehumidifier ices up, there will be problems, but a low temp unit will work fine at lower temperatures.

A really important factor in your basement air dehumidifier purchase is manual vs. automatic empty. With a manual empty dehumidifier, you have to dump out the water that has been collected from the air. Since basements are usually out of sight and out of mind, this could be a problem remembering to empty it.

Dehumidifiers with automatic pumps to empty the reservoir will be more expensive, but well worth the money if you don't want to make the trip to empty it yourself.

The top recommended manual and automatic low temperature dehumidifiers can be found on this page: Low Temperature Dehumidifiers

From the reviews I found, the best basement dehumidifiers overall are Santa Fe, Danby, DeLonghi, and Comfort-Aire. These will all do a great job and generally last a long time. An energy efficient basement dehumidifier will reduce the cost of ownership. Make sure to buy a dehumidifier that will work well for the amount of sq. ft. needed and you will start enjoying fresher, healthier basement air.

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