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Honeywell Humidifier Cool Mist Ultrasonic

Read reviews and expert information about many best selling Kaz and Honeywell humidifier cool mist ultrasonic units.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are generally inexpensive and quiet. Cool mist humidifiers don’t have filters to buy and replace. They do have demineralization cartridges to buy. They need cleaning weekly during continual use to avoid bacteria build up from the sitting water. A rinse with white vinegar (recommended) or bleach in the tank, will keep it clean.

Some users have reported their Honeywell humidifier cool mist unit still gives off white dust, even when using the demineralization cartridge which is said to reduce/eliminate it, some say they work great and there is none produced. So, test your unit in a small space for a few hours to see if it produces white dust before using overnight.

Vicks V5100N ultrasonic humidifier. List price: $77.99. Variable humidity output manual control. Scent pad heater for vicks vapors. Mist outlet control for direction and intensity changes. Operates up to 20 hours per filling. Demineralization cartridge included, to reduce white dust.

Users said the benefits of this machine are it works well and has simple, easy construction. Many reviewers said they didn’t recommend it because it leaked. A few had problems with massive amounts of white dust. Also, there is no auto shut off. For the price, it seems there are better models.

Honeywell QuietCare Ultrasonic Mini Tower Humidifier HUT-102M List price: $39.99. Filterless ultrasonic unit humidifies up to 350 sq ft and runs up to 12 hours per filling. Good for small rooms if you will be only using it overnight. Comes with demineralization cartridge.

Reviews state it is quiet and compact which is nice. Users don’t like the bright blue light, too light for sleeping. A few people stated that filling it was awkward because the opening is on the bottom of the tank, so you have to flip it over to fill and when returning it to the base. Many people stated it broke quickly after purchase. Keep your receipt if you buy it.

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