Venta Airwasher LW24

Venta airwasher LW24 air purifier humidifier is good for rooms up to 360 sqft. This effective unit is a humidifier purifier in one. Read the consumer and expert reviews below for helpful information.

This unit is perfect for you if you are looking for a good low maintenance humidifier and air purifier in one. Venta airwashers are simple, yet effective at doing both.

Venta Airwasher LW24Product Information

  • For rooms up to 360 sq ft - 18x20.
  • 3 speeds
  • Size 11.5x11.8x13 in.
  • Weight 9 lbs.
  • Tank size 2 gallons
  • Warranty 10 years
  • List manufacturer’s price- $299.99

Consumer Reviews

Consumers give the Venta airwasher LW24 an above average rating. They expect a lot from a machine at this price point and often are pleased with what it offers. Users who give it high ratings say it really does help with asthma and allergy symptoms. It humidifies well and noticeably cleans the air.

They really appreciate the low maintenance of the unit compared to other humidifiers. To help with both the humidification process, and to reduce minerals in the water for ease of use, there is a solution mixture. For ease of cleaning, another mixture dissolves the particles from the air that build up on the washer. Venta notes that the hygiene solution does not evaporate into the air, so you won’t breathe it in.

Many people state the Venta customer service is amazing and they quickly remedy any problem. I found only one user who stated he had problems with the customer service. Venta offers a ten year warranty and reportedly will send new parts, if needed, quickly. This really helps justify the higher price. Many other humidifiers don’t last more than 4-6 years.

Users who gave this Venta unit low ratings say they don’t like that the humidifier cannot be turned off for the airwasher to run on its own. It only works well in places that have dry air, because if the air is humid, you won’t want to run the machine, so as not to over-humidify a room.

Some users also say that it appears cheap as the blades are plastic. I would like to note that a simple device can still do a good job. The price of the unit is from the engineering it took to create a simple, yet effective machine.

If you want this unit for your bedroom, a few people have noted it was too noisy for them in the bedroom, while some said it was fine and quiet enough. Finally, a few people mentioned it didn’t get the humidity above 40%, so they were disappointed, as the user manual states it can humidify up to 55%. Humidity really shouldn’t be much above 45% and 40% is a very healthy level. If it is above 50% germs can breed easier, while if it’s below, it is optimal and healthy.

Expert Review

From my research, I find the Venta airwasher does a great job at being a humidifier and air purifier.

It has everything one could want in both, and doesn’t have the problems. It has an effective humidifier and a simple, yet effective airwasher.

Venta has solved many of the humidifier problems as well. There is no filter to replace. It is reported to stay bacteria free for 8 weeks, so it is very hygienic. It does not produce white dust.

Overall, I recommend this product and give a high rating to Venta for their customer service.

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