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Best Home Dehumidifiers

When choosing among the best home dehumidifiers, there are many features to compare. Read the reviews about the best home, room and basement dehumidifiers.

A home air dehumidifier is a healthy choice to keep the humidity at the proper level in your home all year round. The optimal humidity level for any room in your home is 35%-50%.
If there is more humidity for an extended amount of time, more than a few days, mold, bacteria, germs and other problems can flourish.

Any dehumidifier will be helpful in maintaining healthy air, but some stand out as quality products. The top quality air dehumidifiers will have some nice features over cheaper brands. Depending on where the dehumidifier will be used and how often, will determine which is best for you.

If you need a dehumidifier for a large area of your home, consider buying one that will remove 50-70 pints of water per day. This will lessen the amount of times you will need to empty the reservoir.

Top quality home dehumidifiers with excellent reviews are the Danby 50 and 70 pint and Santa Fe Whole Home Dehumidifiers. The Danbys require manual empty of the reservoir. The Santa Fe Whole Home Humidifier is quite expensive, but is highly rated, will easily dehumidify up to 2200 sq. ft. and has an automatic pump, so you never have to worry about empting it.

If you will be using the dehumidifier in just one room in your home like a bedroom or nursery, a small, portable unit will be best. Some of the best room dehumidifiers are made by Danby, Santa Fe and Comfort-Aire. Look for one that has good reviews for being quiet, as some are too loud for living or sleeping areas.

As for basement dehumidifiers, I recommend low-temperature dehumidifiers if your basement is sometimes below 60 degrees. Dehumidifiers work best in higher temperatures. Anything near 50 degrees and it just won't dehumidify very well.

For a full page of basement dehumidifier information and top recommendations, see this page: Best Basement Dehumidifiers.