Best Cool Mist Humidifiers Buying Guide

The best cool mist humidifier can be an efficient way to humidify the air. Read about the pros and cons in our buying guide. Find advice on the best cool mist models.

Cool mist humidifiers use ultrasonic technology to produce a cool mist or fog of moisture. Pros and cons of ultrasonic humidifiers. These offer an energy efficient way to humidify your room or home.

Humidified air is helpful for relieving coughing and congestion from colds and the flu, according to doctors at the Mayo Clinic. They are also great for nourishing dry skin and lips. Many people report being able to breathe better when the air has a proper amount of humidity, 30-40%. It can easily fall below this amount indoors during the winter.

Cool and warm ultrasonic units can produce a white mineral dust. Make sure to use demineralization tabs if using tap water, so the minerals don’t end up in the air or your lungs.

Cool mist units are cheaper to run than warm mist because they do not heat the water before it is released into the air. They do not have filters, which is a bonus because replacing them adds an extra expense. They do need to be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria build up from sitting water. Air O Swiss offers great technology which helps reduce the need for cleanings. Read about AOS products here.

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